When you find your people…

I have always wanted to have my own blog, a place that I could be witty, charming, inspiring, somewhere to show off my 5th form 51% passing of English at high school.  People would write about my blog in their blog, they would read my every word not just look at the pictures or exit out after the first three lines.  They would comment, like, share, give thumbs up emoji’s or maybe even a love heart!  The Hemingway branding would be recognised world wide and I would become what today is known as an Influencer.   Of the millions and millions of blogs, people were going to read mine! I had no idea why, they were just going to read my blog and love it.   I am no longer this naive!

Obviously to date none of this has happened, reality meant to write a blog I actually had to sit down and write about all those funny witty anecdotes of life that go around in ones head on a daily basis.

Many years on and I have finally made it to my first blog.  But who am I, and how was I going to introduce myself to a world in such a way that had impact, was slightly edgy with just the right amount of cool?

Look at the photo above, its edgy and its cool and these are just some of my people, and when you find your people you can basically achieve anything.  I am extremely lucky to have people in my life who add so much value to my family, our brand plus myself personally and they do this in so many different ways.    The combinations, the characters, the personalities sometimes so very different, you would think they would clash but somehow they just seem to work.

I am influenced by my people everyday, I learn so much from their struggles, their many successes, the way they judge themselves but do not judge others, they get shit done and they have the ability to make the most out-there discussion seem normal, and often trump in at any time with stories that make you sigh with relief and you think shit I am actually normal and they laugh along with you but never ever at you.  I love my people!

Hello my name is Rachael, I own the Reflection Store – Hemingway Concept Design & Interiors, I know stuff, and I would like to share what I know with you and your people, and hopefully together we can find all kinds of edgy cool things to discuss, photograph, showcase, interiors, food, travel, clothes, shoes, real life connecting our people.

Rach xx

PS, I am also a mum to 3 boys, a wife to a very hardworking loving husband, and I have 2 dogs and cat,  but that is a another blog waiting to be written.   In the meantime you can check me out on Facebook or the website!

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