Every Now and Then….

Every now and then I have little panic moments where I think to myself, Rach what the hell have you done! Why would you open your store in the middle of a town being rebuilt, where there is nothing but construction and change going on all around you.

Every now and then….the definition of these four words mean occasionally, so I have just outright lied my bad.  My little panic attacks (wtf moments if I am being brutally honest) happen every single day, but every now and then something will happen to calm my nerves and remind me that one day I am going to be in the heart of something truly amazing and just maybe I had a hand in making it happen.

Every day in town a new shop seems to be opening, or a new lane way is being completed, or a real estate agent is showing someone the plans for what will be their dream apartment, or they are showing the foundation plans for a new retail store just like my own.  This fictional real estate agent is in charge of selling the vision that only a few it seems can see.

Everyday someone is coming into town for the first time perhaps since the earthquakes, the Double Decker Soaring Kiwi Tour Bus will drive past or stop at the lights and I get to see lots of tourists who may have just checked into one of the newly built or renovated hotels, thus confirming a contrast of people who only knew the Then and those who can only see the Now and for those of us who are here for the Every(day) we are watching something unfold that you can not explain in words you just kinda feel it, the butterflies, the excitement, the nerves and the tears, and believe me there have been lots of tears.

Every now and then, I hear nothing and I stop and listen, and I smile, something may have has just been finished.  When all you can hear everyday is the hum (polite word for bloody noisy) of machinery, the scraping, the banging, did I mention the banging…the clanging, the nail guns, the workers are working and then one day you walk around a corner you have not been around in a while in my case 4 shops to the right and there is a Jewelers shop (Kennetts Jewellers), a coffee shop (Black & White Coffee ) staring at you in all their glory, you personally do not know these owners but you know they also have invested time and money for this vision that every now and then we catch a glimpse of and they earn respect. (If the rumors are to be believed a Sushi Bar and Mens Barber shop will popping up between them cant wait!).

And drum roll please (fingers crossed in October) we will be moving the Reflection Store from its temporary site to what will be the permanent city centre store address – The Duncan Building (D3 – 153 High St).   At the moment every day I get to watch a little bit of this Cinderella story unfold before my eyes and again every now and then I think (help…what have I done, my stomach churns, and I stop breathing), but hey someone famous once said nothing ventured nothing gained, and I am not going to die wondering or from a stomach ulcer.

So come, take a minute to wonder around the city centre and see all the progress and support those who are willing to make the first move, we are not rich, we do not drive BMWs or my dream car the latest Jeep Wrangler, but we are risk takers and every now and then taking a risk may fingers crossed just pay off.

And lastly Every Now and Then….I am reminded of the Pantene advert…it wont happen overnight but it will happen.  And it is happening people, and it is happening right now before our very eyes we just need to keep them open.  There is a whole word out there, and speaking of World did you know their fab store right next to me?

love Rach xx

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