Style vs Confidence


Having a home decor store in the city centre allows me to chat daily to all kinds of people and one thing that comes up often is that most people mention that they think they have no style whatsoever, they need help, and they can not visualise a room or space unless they see it first whether it be in a magazine, TV, online, an open home, at their “got it together” friend’s house or in a store such as mine the Reflection Store.

But here is a twist I believe everyone has style, but not everyone has what I call “Style Confidence”.  Unfortunately confidence is an emotion which only a few seem to have mastered the art of (I myself struggle with this everyday), but it is something that everyone strives for either in our workplace, our fashion choices, our social networks, our internal thinking and where we base our home, the latter being important because our home base is where we start and end our day.

So how does one make their interior style confidence…exterior style confidence without feeling like a dick?  Well I am not going to tell you how, I am going to show you how by being my very own guinea pig, you see the problem I have is that I do not practice what I preach, I am not Exterior Style Confident. I know I am on the inside, seriously the ideas and visual design I have inside my head blows me away sometimes, but when it comes to saying it out loud, or actually doing it, I lose confidence and it never becomes a daylight reality. (Even though I have a cool retail store and online store they still do not reflect my true self… yet.)

The reality is if I want to stay and ride out the Christchurch City Centre dream, then I need to make myself and the style that I want people to buy into (with their cold hard cash) become visible. I need my interior style to become my exterior style in this very visual world we live in. I need my customers to buy into my brand.  I need to be seen.

So lovelies if your still reading this, I will no longer be waiting for you to come to me, I am going to bring Hemingway Design to you via blogs, emails, Facebook, Instagram and I am going to write about my journey here in my blog and in turn I hope that it inspires you to bring out some of your own style without the fear of judgement or thinking people will think you’re a dick. Because the reality is someone had to take that first leap and have the confidence to publish all the images we see in the magazines, on TV, online, on our phones, insta/fb, at your ‘got it together’ friend’s house and the retail stores, they had to be seen for us to decide if we liked or dislike, so it may as well be us……don’t you think?? What have I got to lose? Maybe style is just simply confidence….

PS Writing this was my first step…… looking forward to telling you all about step two.



Photo Credit – Designers Guild/Tricia Guild


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