Skull Candy – love love love

The winter blues can hit you unexpectedly sometimes, your tired, the weather is a little dull and life well it can have a way of throwing you around like a rag doll and proping you back up just as fast, so when you come across something that turns a switch on inside you, even if its just for a second you grab it, and that is just what happened to me last weekend, and it was something as simple as a Skull Pop, candy on a stick in the shape of a skull and in a variety of colours!!.

Disclaimer I had just finished a cup of delicious mulled wine from Bunsen, it was a beautiful night to wandering around The Arts Centre , so I was already in my happy place when I walked into a room full of artisan market stalls and there in front of me where rows of Skull Pops, and a childhood favourite toffee apples.


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