Remember why you started…..

There have been more times than I care to admit when I have felt like giving up lately.  When I have felt like I have lost my identity in my work, my relationship, my role as a parent and simply just felt lost in life in general, and I know that I am not alone.

It doesn’t mean at all that my life is doomed, I read somewhere that it simply means that I am going through an incubation period and transformation.   Apparently the key is not to get stuck in my current lost state but to tap into my creative power to create a life I love.   Say Whaaaat???? Sounds easy, well I can tell you first hand its not going to be but I am going to give it a go.

Creative people like myself, as you know can be somewhat weird at times,  we are excited and full of life one minute then filled with self doubt the next it comes with wanting to produce pieces of art, writing, music or products that are original, individual and come with praise and most importantly a dollar value.  We want you to love our creativeness and buy it, open your wallet bring out cold hard cash or that card and just say yes your ability and talent is worth paying for, its worth a selfie Instagram pic and a share on Facebook.

My intuition is telling me that somewhere over the last 12 months my creative power has shifted somewhat and I find myself somewhat stuck in a role that showcases products that just aren’t really me, I love them but they are not mine, someone else has been the creator and if I take a step back, look back and remember why I start to I find myself falling in love with my passion all over again and that has always been turning ugly duckling furniture especially chairs into Cinderella stories!  I love chairs, (and skulls, and cool shit)! Soooooo….

Remember when I turned this:


Into This:10697174_722003114521709_3987014022770741894_o

And when a lovely couple fell in love with this Retro 3 seater couch ……12961657_984770804911604_4488434473478249884_n

And when my sister helped me design caravan cushion covers……..11357262_826891867366166_3094962692930609144_o

And when I turned an ugly old retro chair into one of my favourites using colour blocking!!11796267_855000324555320_4901162152271517314_n

Sometimes you just have to Remember why you started….to get that sparkle back and realise the dream may have gone on a different path but it is never to late to get back on the right one.   So watch this space people! Hemingway Design is recharging its batteries and going to be pushing the boundaries on design, we are older, bolder, wiser and more creative than ever.    Kind of exciting right??

PS my next blog is going to be all about The Block, what I love about it, what I hate about it, and why I still want to be on it!!




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